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People who are not familiar with speleotherapy, at the mention of the name they mostly remember about traveling to the mountains, not the resorts and procedures. Indeed, the word has the same roots with speleology - the science that studies the cave. But apart from the Greek speleon - cave there is also therapia - treatment.

The speleotherapy microclimate of caves, grottos, underground mine workings and shafts are used for health improvement of the person. Moreover, the history of "underground hospitals" goes to the Millennium. For the first time speleotherapy began to apply more than 2500 years ago.

History of speleotherapy

As it often happens in science, the amazing properties of the caves were discovered by chance. It must have been during the Neolithic period when people went down into the earth to hide from the weather and wild animals - and they felt in some caves passes tiredness, and the old wounds starts painless. Archaeologists have repeatedly found small pools carved into the stone vaults (for example, in terms of mountain Kron, Sicily, VI-V centuries BC.). There was supposed to be gathered water passed through the rock. These first pools eventually turned into famous hospital.

In ancient Greece warrior went down into the cave to recuperate. Not only the Greeks, but also the many ancient peoples know about the properties of caves and grottos and used them in medicine.

Unexpected discoveries in speleotherapy occurred in the XX century. In Germany during the war, when people were hiding from bombings in the cave Klyutert, it was noted that under the earth the patients with asthma stopped asthma attacks and coughing.

The first treatment of microclimate of caves tried people who couldn’t imagine of a trip to resorts or expensive medical advice. Ordinary workers mining the salt underground, year after year, experienced a beneficial effect of rock. Among them there were no people suffering from asthma or other respiratory diseases.

Action of speleotherapy

When you go down into the cave, where the course of speleotherapy is conducted - beneficial effects on the body begins to exert all around. Under the earth climate is very different from our usual atmosphere at the surface. There will always maintain a constant temperature, humidity and barometric pressure. Even the air of caves has healing properties. It is saturated with particles having a high ionization and micro elements useful for the organism. When breathing, they get into the blood and are useful to its composition: normalizes histamine in the blood, protein and carbohydrate exchanges. Micro elements contained in the rock, are included in biochemical processes in the body more quickly than drugs. In addition, they are harmless and lead to faster normalization of disturbed processes.

In addition, under the ground due to the high concentration of ions in the air no dusts, bacteria and allergens remain. In the mine, patients are protected from the influence of environmental factors: harmful impurities, gases, effects of electromagnetic fields. The number of bacteria per cubic meter of air is only 130-500, when on the surface the air in living spaces is clean if this number does not exceed 1500 per cubic meter.

Due to the action of radon (which are contained in the air caves), the cells are transformed and rejuvenated, cardiovascular system is normalized, the intensity of the inflammatory processes is reduced, and immunity is increased.

Sessions are held with subdued light, often under the music. At this time, you can relax in a comfortable chair. Many sleeps - indeed, protection from the outside world and the lack of noise brings a feeling of complete rest.

CAUTION! The works are going for improvement of the cave.