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Benefits of Resort Treatment

Benefits of Resort Treatment

Annual course of resort treatment:

  • Increases average life expectancy by 10-15 years;
  • Reduces the incidence / illness rate by 2.8 times;
  • In patients with chronic diseases, causes solid / sustained remission from 6-12 months to 3 years and in some cases more;
  • When you are at the resort, you break the "circle of harmful habits" you are in, usually at home, and find yourself in a relaxed, healthy and positive atmosphere;
  • 2-3 weeks treatment plan with natural healing waters and healing mud, ensures the regulation of the processes of metabolism in the body and enhances immunity. After the spa treatment, you will experience an increase in energy and good spirit, you will rejuvenate, become more energetic and healthier;
  • The thermal / hot springs of the resorts, as well as modern treatment procedures and specially designed treatment programmes, perfectly handle problems such as: traumatic brain injury, post-fracture condition, bodybuilding / disruption, circulatory disturbance, hypertension and energy regeneration, etc.
  • Drinking natural healing mineral water does what no medication / medicine can do: it regulates the functioning of the entire gastrointestinal system, facilitates bile flow and facilitates its normal production and consequently eases food digestion, regulates intestinal peristalsis and microflora;
  • Resorts and sanatoriums / spa hotels are constantly offering a wide variety of motion-enhancing activities to the "apartment-locked" urban dwellers: pools, walking trails - "terrain cours", fitness halls, bicycles and more;
  • The 2-3-week course at the resort, utilizing the mechanisms listed above, gives a person a full year of health and wellness;
  • In order for a resort treatment to produce a truly meaningful outcome, it is extremely important to select the appropriate resort and resort treatment facility.

 Do you want to live 10-15 years longer and get 3 times less sick?

We think the answer is clear!